Webstars Tailored

About Us

Webstars Tailored is a men’s fashion house specializing in custom tailored suits.Started in 2017, the fashion house takes pride in customer satisfaction, product quality and modern gentleman style at the same time not losing the classic generic men’s style.

Customer Satisfaction.

As a result of the technological advancement in the world today, Webstars Tailored in a desire to make the suit tailoring experience convenient not to mention to allow access of our products to the world, launched www.webstarstailored.com. This is an online platform, which allows you to go through the whole suit ordering process, from fabric selection, taking measurements, to check out, without deviating from our core values.

In addition, the website allows you to design your suit or part of it as you desire and we use our experience and expertise to get you what you want.
We strongly believe that a business that makes nothing but good products and money is a poor business and hence, we have partnered with Mishono Foundation, an organization which works to rehabilitate and reduce the number of street children in Nairobi Kenya.

For this, 10% of all our profits goes directly to this noble cause.

On homepage and shop you can view some of our collection that we tailor-make. On the gallery page you can view all our happy clients to see what we will deliver to you if you decide to go out way.

Select the item you need, the website will direct you into selecting various details to your liking for instance for blazers; you will be directed in selecting your preferred lapels, buttons, pockets and vents. After that you will directed to the checkout page where you will be prompted to add your blazer measurements; in addition you are provided with tutorials on how you can take measurements and after you are done you can now place your order and check out.